About the Artist

About the artist

Brought up in Burnaby, B.C. Canada (a neighbouring city to Vancouver), I’ve intuitively always enjoyed being outside in nature. My life experience includes living in the Netherlands for a decade – my entire thirties. It was a significant phase in my life – learning a new language, engaging with so many different people, visiting different countries… such a cultural exchange it was that enriched me in infinite ways. Returning back to where I was born and raised has been richly rewarding and I am grateful to be once again amongst the familiar trees, mountains, and rivers. The past years have also reconnected me to the land in ways that didn’t even occur to me before I left for Europe.

For most of my career life, I’ve been involved in the apparel industry as a sportswear garment developer for international companies.  This role took me to many countries where our garments are produced. The development of garment styles could be efficiently and expertly expedited with this direct contact. My personal unforgettable value of this was the nurturing of relationships with colleagues and factory partners. As years progressed, I’ve increasingly felt that this full-time role has been masking how I truly want to contribute to the world.

In August 2016, I made a career transition from the corporate world to social venture. In the Western culture, the majority of us have alternatives in everyday decisions. Did you know that Fast Fashion is the world’s 2nd largest polluter? Amongst all the world’s problems, our awareness around clothing consumption is a good place to start making a difference. In this way, fashion could be a catalyst for change.

Realizing an urgent need for awareness around how clothing is made, and the impact of our choices, I have rekindled the purpose of AMACATA.

AMACATA is derived from the mirror image of ATACAMA, reflecting the following properties of the Atacama Desert: raw, pure, natural landscape. With this venture, I strive to spark a social & environmental awakening. This is generated through the application of “slow fashion” – returning the creative process of naturally dyed textiles and handmade bijouterie. Through these one-of- a-kind creations, experiential education, and permaculture ethics, my aim is to shift the paradigm towards greater sustainability.

I am excited the unravel the ideas further as I explore more ways we can collaboratively minimize the impacts of the garment & textile industry.

~Daphne Woo       |       December 8, 2016


My inspiration comes in many forms. While I revel in the dynamics of multicultural relationships, I also admire colors and patterns found in nature. At the same time, (though not simultaneously) I am fascinated by natural mysteries such as the appearances of crop circles and energy orbs. A wandering mind is a creative mind, one could only hope! I enjoy providing work that has come about as a result of my creative endeavors and curiosities. In the process, I strive to focus on sustainability, and environmentally-friendly values. Additionally, I keep elements in check such as healing properties of stones and treating my materials with care. Natural beauty is everywhere around us. The relationship that we have with nature and each other is full of enlightenment. Perhaps we only need to listen with our soul…