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Dyed Evening Dress

Naturally dyed wedding dressI was initially hesitant about getting my wedding gown dyed with natural dyes, as I was concerned that the final colour wouldn’t be vibrant enough. Daphne was very informative and upfront about the process, taking the time to ensure that I had reasonable expectations of the end product; namely, that the # of colour options I had would be fewer than with synthetic dyes, and that there might be some inconsistencies in colour saturation (given that I had already worn and dry-cleaned the dress). In addition, Daphne provided me with a number of test swatches based on the colour I wanted, giving me a sizeable range to choose from.

Ultimately, Daphne recreated my colour of choice very accurately. I was really happy with the outcome, and I felt proud to wear my former bridal gown to another wedding! I got a ton of compliments on it.

That being said, one of the greatest things about having chosen Amacata is that it was an investment in the ‘slow fashion’ movement: the dye-materials were sourced from nature. The remnants from the process were poured into Daphne’s garden without contaminating the soil. I spent on a local artisan rather than buying a non-Canadian product possibly made under poor working conditions.

I would absolutely recommend Amacata to anyone who wants their garment to be dyed beautifully with pigments from nature. My only caveat is that the range of colours that you will have to choose from is more limited than you’d have with synthetic dyes. However, Daphne is very familiar with what she can do/ not do, so you will know quickly what your options are! There are a lot of very lovely colours available.


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Commissioned Art

Commission WorkDaphne is new to large artwork installations and although it was a bit of a risk, we are very impressed with the fabric art wall sculpture she created for SFU Beedie School of Business.

The artwork is a talking piece.  Daphne’s philosophy is exactly what SFU Beedie believes in:  Innovation, Social Responsibility and Global Perspective. The slow fabric process and all natural dyes are very much in line with SFU Beedie’s core values. 

The artwork is almost alive, taking on a different form each time you walk by; depending on the time of day, the lighting will bring out some colours more than others; the folds and pleats provide movement in a beautiful and powerful silence. In short, a living piece of art.

Additionally, it adds warmth and interest to the walls, providing a peaceful & calming effect, and functional sound buffering.

I would recommend Daphne for any wall piece or art installation especially if the purpose is to have a one-of-a-kind custom installation.  Most comments have been that they have never seen anything like this.

Daphne Woo came highly recommended by Yvonne Wakabayashi, award winning Shibori fabric artist whom she mentored under. Daphne has succeeded in delivering a captivating fabric art piece that is timeless and priceless.

She is very professional, charming and works extremely hard to achieve perfection.


Senior Visual Communications Designer, Marketing

SFU Beedie School of Business

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