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Have something you'd like renewed with natural dyes?

Natural dyed fabric

Naturally Dyed Fabric

Would like to incorporate naturally dyed fabric in a special something you are planning?

Maybe you are organizing a wedding and desire to gift your groomsmen with custom dyed pocket squares.

Or perhaps you are a conscious consumer who would love a fresh transition to your white silk wedding gown! Or any light-coloured garment which could use a second life.

The craft of naturally dyeing textiles is a labour-intensive process accompanied with care and a required level of knowledge.  Pricing generally starts from $300 for custom dyeing.  Fibres must be 100% natural materials (silk, wool, linen, cotton, etc.).  If this is something you are considering, please reach out!

Natural dyes fabric in light colours
Natural dyed pocket square
Why natural dyed fabric

Why Naturally Dyed Fabric?

For the small business:  To offer something unique for you holistic design-led entrepreneurs such as interior designers, architects, gallery curators to fulfil the desire of custom dyeing your textiles in a low-impact process.

For the individual:  To give your cherished garment a second life in a low-impact process rather than seeing it go to landfill, or having it stored without purpose in your closet. 

Engaging with natural dyes

Engaging With Natural Dyes

Overall, it is our key motivator to spread awareness towards slow fashion alternatives and (re)connectedness to nature. These are important and positive aspects that guides our business in supporting socially and environmentally conscious living. Slow fashion is prepared with care and conscience, a process that is time consuming but very rewarding. 

“When engaged with natural dyes, there are no expectations; only the awareness that connecting with nature can create something intrinsically luminous which is unachievable with synthetics. An art of working with nature rather than against it.”

Indigo dye plant
Indigo harvested from my garden
Indigo Fabric

We begin by having you fill out the form so we can have an idea of what is to be dyed, what colour, and when you need it. The actual process of dyeing includes a series of steps that involve:

  1. Preparation: Weighing, scouring, and mordanting the textile.
  2. Getting the dye pot ready: Extracting the dye (unless the dyestuff is already in extract form).
  3. Artwork (if requested): shibori or dip-dye/ombre effect
  4. Dyeing
  5. Final Wash
  6. Ironing/Steaming

In most cases, we will go through a sampling stage prior to dyeing the actual project, whereby you will have the opportunity to choose from a few swatches. This stage will follow after the agreement and deposit has been made.

We will work with 100% natural fibres only.  Examples include: silk, wool, cotton, hemp, linen. Synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon do not take natural dyes.

Natural dyestuff examples include: indigo, madder root, avocado pits + peels, logwood, cochineal, weld, onion skins, quebracho.

Please note that natural dyes are different than chemical dyes, in that the variations of shades are part of the beauty and take on a ‘living’ quality.  Naturally dyed textiles do not have the same flat & consistent appearance that synthetically dyed textiles have. In some cases, naturally dyed textiles may come out slightly patchy due to varying factors. While we strive to naturally dye as consistent as possible, it is thus important to understand variances are likely to occur when seeking to have something naturally dyed.   We’re happy to chat with you further about this!

Please plan in advance if you need your project dyed by a particular date. If you are approaching us with a new project, it is best to begin at least one month in advance; However, if we’ve worked with you and your project before, then lead time may be as little as 2 weeks, depending on current capacity.

We’ll need some information from you to be able to provide a quote and more details.

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