Natural Dyes and Materials


I use materials such as wood, shell, semi-precious stones, seeds, nuts, glass, metal, horn, bone, silk, cotton, and wool.  In addition to finding an aesthetically pleasing match of materials, I often keep in mind the healing properties of stones.  With my product, I assure you quality and compassion! A special note about my textile creations:  Not only are they lovingly made from natural fibers, but the dyes used to provide the colorful radiance are also 100% natural.  I strive for an organic essence in my product, incorporating the use of natural materials for the following reasons:

  • Sustainability/  Eco-friendliness
  • Emphasis on the value of “slow-fashion”
  • Open up the awareness in my mission statement
  • Respect for nature, make use of what nature gives us to its’ full potential in an ethical manner.
  • Provide the consumer alternative choices instead of buying mass-produced items.
  • Natural beauty unachievable from use of synthetic materials.
Natural Dyes and Materials

While continually experimenting and evolving with my drivel of ideas,

my current collection consists of jewelry and hand-dyed silk shawls.

I will soon be expanding this to all kinds of accessories and wearable art.

Materials and Dyes


Such natural dyes in my palette include:  madder, cochineal, quebracho, logwood, onion skin, walnut hull, and indigo.  Working properly with natural dyes is a process that takes much careful planning and time.  It’s a process that can become very rewarding with the understanding that one is creating something beautiful and meaningful.  People have been naturally dyeing textiles for thousands of years.  It is only in the past 100 years that the textile industry has been mostly dependent on synthetic dyes for reasons such as color consistency.

Working with natural dyes does not provide a guarantee of color consistency.  This is the beauty of natural dyes!  There are no expectations; only the realization that connecting with nature can create something intrinsically luminous which is unachievable with synthetics. Due to these unique production processes, my products are subject to inconsistencies which I believe are part of the distinctive character and value of these pieces.