Long Silk Scarf Kit

Dye your own silk scarf with natural dyes!  This kit has been thoughtfully prepared to introduce the beginner to the world of natural dyes.  Because the item has already been pre-scoured and pre-mordanted, you can satisfyingly see the fibres take on the dyes while following along the instructions in the comfort of your own kitchen.  If you’re curious about natural dyes but overwhelmed by the mixture of info available, or simply have limited time, then this kit is for you.


Availability: In stock (can be backordered)


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100% Silk Habotai Long Scarf (14″x72″): pre-scoured, pre-mordanted and ready to take on the dye.

Also includes:

  • silk scraps, ready to dye
  • 3 different dyestuffs
  • detailed instructions + list of basic supplies
  • shipping to you (within Canada)

*Notes:  The dyestuffs have been pre-measured so that there is more than enough to dye your scarf in one colour.  However, three are provided so that you have the opportunity to experiment first on the silk scraps and dye your scarf in more than one colour, if you like!  Your scarf will appear wrinkled because ironing after the process of mordanting is not recommended.  Ironing can be done after you’ve completed the dyeing and rinsing process ♥.  This item will be shipped flat via Canada Post.

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