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AMACATA was derived from the mirror image of ATACAMA … reflecting properties of the desert, … a raw, pure, natural landscape. Imagine such a space where you can make room for introspection.

All pieces are handmade and thoughtfully created with natural materials, with complete consideration for the environment.

Yellow flowers for dyeing
Yellow dyes natural
Yellow fabric dyed with natural dyes
Slow fashion

Slow Fashion

With the purchase of a piece, you are supporting slow fashion, advocating a movement of craftsmanship that is timeless, local, and sustainable. Slow fashion is prepared with care and conscience, a process that is time consuming but very rewarding.

When engaged with natural materials, there are no expectations; only the awareness that connecting with nature can create something intrinsically luminous which is unachievable with synthetics. An art of working with nature rather than against it. Every piece is therefore unique. 

Explore our selection to find the one that complements your personal style or that special gift.  Custom Requests are also welcome.

(Want to know more about the story behind Amacata?  Continue to Daphne Woo – Artist Biography)

Video by Kate Pierre of www.katepierre.com

Engaging with natural materials

Engaging With Natural Materials

With our jewelry, bead materials such as wood, shell, semi-precious stones, seeds, nuts, glass, metal, horn, bone, are used.  In addition to finding an aesthetically pleasing match of materials, we often keep in mind the healing properties of stones.  Quality and compassion is assured. 

We offer you alternative choices to purchasing mass-produced items, thus supporting a local artisan, economy, and community.

Engaging with natural dyes

Engaging With Natural Dyes

Such natural dyes in our palette include: madder, cochineal, quebracho, logwood, onion skin, walnut hull, and indigo. This only names a few. Working properly with natural dyes is a process that takes much careful planning and time. It’s a process that can become very rewarding with the understanding that one is creating something beautiful and meaningful.

People have been naturally dyeing textiles for thousands of years. It is only in the past 100 years that the textile industry has been mostly dependent on synthetic dyes for reasons such as color consistency.

Working with natural dyes does not provide a guarantee of color consistency. This is the beauty of natural dyes! There are no expectations; only the realization that connecting with nature can create something intrinsically luminous which is unachievable with synthetics.

Due to these unique production processes, our products are subject to inconsistencies which are part of the distinctive character and value of these pieces.

Natural dyed lamp shade

"Deserts and plateaus and canyons are not a country of big returns, but a country of spiritual healing, incomparable for contemplation, meditation, solitude, quiet, awe, peace of mind and body".

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