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Dyeing For An Awakening

Are you a small business whereby you would like to incorporate naturally dyed fabric?
Maybe you are planning a wedding and you want to gift your groomsmen with custom dyed pocket squares.

Or perhaps you are a conscious consumer who would love a fresh transition to your white silk wedding gown! Or any light-coloured garment which could use a second life.

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Harnessing Colour from Nature

In this 3-hour live online workshop, you will gain some knowledge and process of textile dyeing with natural materials. You will understand the difference between “cellulose” and “protein” fibres, and how they take on the dyes. There will be an introduction to Shibori, the Japanese art of manipulating fabric to create patterns through the dye process. You will be guided to dye a scarf or tote bag using shibori or dip-dye technique. This hands-on process will provide you an understanding why our reconnection to nature is imperative to our consumer choices, and in particular, clothing.

Natural dyeing workshop

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Daphne is the natural dye artist and slow-fashion advocate behind AMACATA.  Having been a garment developer for years within international sportswear companies, she made a career transition in August 2016.

The social venture mentorship program at Groundswell Community guided her in joining the revolution to address the problems of fast fashion.  

AMACATA was derived from the mirror image of ATACAMA, … reflecting properties of the Desert: … raw, pure, natural landscape. Imagine such a space where you can make room for introspection.

Daphne’s handmade pieces have been lovingly created with natural materials. Her textile work incorporates the art of shibori, and dip-dye. Natural dyes include: avocado pits, logwood, quebracho green, madder, cochineal, walnut hulls, pomegranate peels, indigo, just to name a few.

Natural dyes collected from nature

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